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A. Packard Trading  Vero Beach, Florida USA
Trade Discount or Full Service, Direct order routing from your computer to the trading pits or electronic exchanges-Quick order fills. Free quotes, charts, and research. Excellent customer service.
Telephone: 800-843-6187

A/C Trading Co.  Fowler, Indiana USA
Telephone: 800-872-0126
A full service brokerage with over 25 years' experience specializing in Agricultural commodities, located in the heart of corn, wheat and soybean country. Personal service for your hedging and speculative trades.

AAA Alternative Commodity Traders  Coral Springs, Florida USA
Telephone: 954-752-9911
Email: aaaalternative@aol
Over 30 yrs experience, Discount and Full Service brokerage. Check out our Website and join our tri-monthly contests where you can win cash,gifts and free trades. Contact Lee or Rick Seid

Aameezcapital  Naples, Florida USA
Telephone: 800 228-7058
Free commodity, futures and options tutorials, downloads, charts, quotes. Charting software, simulated broker software.

Abraham Capital   Weston, Florida USA
Telephone: 954 217 7982
Abraham Capital specializes in a stock index trading. Using a model that is based on breadth,momentum,interest rates and sentiment posibilities for outpreforming the indexes are possible but more importantly is the potential safety of avoiding weak market periods.

Abrams Wealth Management  Allentown, PA United States
Telephone: 1.888.622.7267
Abrams Wealth Management provides its clients with full or discounted brokerage services on all equity exchanges through Cumberland Brokerage Corporation (NASD/SIPC). Abrams Wealth specializes in Tax-free Municipal bonds and High Yield Corporate Debt obligations.

Access Futures and Options Trading  Capistrano Beach, California USA
Telephone: 888-443-6140
Full service brokerage. Trade updates, private research, historical data.

Ace Commodity Trading  Schererville, IN USA
Telephone: 219-865-3715
A commodity trading brokerage offering several user friendly online futures and online commodity trading platforms. We specialize in commodity futures and all other exchange traded futures markets. Online commodity trading specialists.

Ace Koeki Co., Ltd.  3-29-24, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002 Japan
Telephone: +81-3-5485-4078
Ace Koeki Co., Ltd. is one of the major futures commission merchants in Japan. Our Internet trading platform LETACE offers a variety of functions, such as Multiple Order Execution, Dealing, etc, that come in handy for accurate and speedy order execution. And the analysis tools it contains will help you deepen your insight. Please visit our website for more information.

Acuvest  Temecula, California USA
Telephone: (951) 693-9600
A 38 year veteran of the stock and commodities markets and former commodity floor broker in New York and President of my own futures firm since 1985. I sold my business in 1995 but e-entered the commodities business in 1999 by forming a new full service/discount brokerage firm in Southern California. I believe that "training and trading with an amateur will only assure you of becoming one." Come to the professionals.

ADM Investor Services International Limited  London, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7390 2952
24 Hour brokerage & trading service in International Futures, FX, Options & Equities. Regulated by the FSA & member of the London Stock Exchange.

Advanced Futures  Coral Springs, Florida United States
Telephone: 954-603-0410
Advanced Futures, NFA member and CFTC registered, provides e-mini traders with leading solutions to trading the market. AF offers a line of solutions that can help traders achieve greater success in their trading, through the Quantum Trading Program.

Advantage Futures Inc.  Salina , Kansas USA
Telephone: 1-800-284-7989
Servicing customers throughout the Globe, offering internet order entry and /or floor access w/ land lines and complete array of customer services. Based out of Salina Kansas, We are "Professional Commodity Brokers You Can Trust."

Advantage Trading Group  Phoenix, Arizona USA
Telephone: 1-800-583-7884
Advantage Trading Group is America's only "Wholesale" Futures Broker. ATG offers "Pit Access" for only $12.50 R.T. + exch. & nfa fee's. Experienced traders can Execute Trades in as little as 18 seconds...including speed dial. You can now call Direct to the industry's largest floor operation and receive the Real-Time bid\offer before you place our order!! ATG customers save up to 70% vs. *quot;Discount" while executing trades through an Institutional clearing firm with 75 Years Of Experience! With Volatility and Slippage at an all time high, it has never been more important to trade with a firm that's committed to execution not marketing.

Advantages In Options  Paso Robles, Ca USA
Telephone: 800-780-7001
Discount and online commodities brokerage that specializes in options but also does futures. Free newsletter, charts, quotes, $25k Simulated Trading Account, 8-session audio course and educational help.

Ag Services  Miami, Florida USA
Telephone: 888-872-9095
Full service commodity brokerage, providing the tools & needs of a serious commodity investor.

Agri Trading LLC  Burlington, Colorado USA
Telephone: 877-283-6710
Agri Trading LLC is a firm that specializes in agricultural type trading of grains and livestock futures commodities. Agri Trading LLC was founded on the belief that both the beginner and advanced hedger and speculator deeply appreciate the value in a broker relationship. We are committed to delivering a high level of professionalism in facilitating all of your futures and options needs.

AgriVisor Services Inc  Bloomington, Illinois USA
Telephone: (309) 557-3147
AgriVisor provides daily marketing advice for farmers to help them maximize their profits when selling corn, soybeans, wheat, hogs and cattle. We also provide information for buying feed inputs. AgriVisor is independent from any brokerage service. For details on various methods of accessing our information, please call our sales office at (800) 676-5799

Agrotrader (AFO)  Naples, Florida USA
Telephone: 800-228-7058
Designed for traders interested in seasonal tendencies and weather related commodities. We offer direct online trading, online account access, a free commodity phone, trading recommendations updated twice daily, and more! Full service, broker assisted, and discount service available.

Aim Futures & Options, Ltd.  Naperville, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-821-9924
Amy Jo Fischer, owner and head broker has been in the futures industry for 20 over years. 11 years spent on the CME and CBOT floors. Aim Futures offers full, discount and on-line trading. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service. Clients stay loyal to the firm year after year, after year.

Airborne Associates  Pagosa Springs, Colorado USA
Telephone: -
I'm a Commodities Trading Advisor with over 20 years experience in trading futures and options. As a seasoned trader I realize the difficulty new traders have understanding futures and particularly options. I offer a daily service where I recommend particular futures and options to trade. I give my advice on where to buy, sell, and place stops.

Aisco Futures, Inc.  Englewood, Colorado USA
Telephone: 800-375-9458
Supporting the novice to the most sophisticated investor/trader.Call for information regarding one-on-one personalized service, and free information.

Alaron Las Vegas  Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Telephone: 800-935-6492
Futures and Option Trading specialists, free daily newsletters, low rates, full service, discount & online trading. Free quotes, charts, news and educational information. Free Optionologist & Beast trading recommendations

Alaron Trading - Jeff Roy  Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-631-3949
Jeff specializes in technical trading mainly in the futures and futures options markets. Among the services provided are brokerage (online and full-service), general trading consultation, custom trading system programming, and managed accounts. Jeff is an AP of Alaron Trading Corporation where he runs a technical trading division called SysTrak. Jeff is also a Solution Provider for Omega Research.

Alaron Trading Corporation - John Garrity  Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: (800) 542-1022
My name is John Garrity, I am a registered retail broker at Alaron Trading Corporation. I offer personalized service at extremely low commission rates. I specialize in the agricultural sector. If interested in FREE information on the agricultural and any other markets, please contact John Garrity at (800)700-3895, or E-mail me at

AlaronFX  Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 800-275-8844
AlaronFX offers 24-hour commission free* Forex trading at Interbank spreads with live, streaming quotes.

Alipes Forex Services  Burbank, California USA
Telephone: 16266447883
Online retail forex broker. 3 pips spread on majors. Currency and Forex Portfolio Manager. Systematic statistically driven short term currency trading strategy.

All Exchange Futures London Ltd  London, Great Britain
Telephone: +44 020 7713 2717
Futures brokerage specialising in FTSE, DAX and Dow Jones futures. Providing free daily technical analysis by experienced floor traders. ?10 per round turn commission for all Liffe and Eurex products.

All State Trading, Ventura, California Branch  Ventura, California USA
Telephone: (800)784-2421
All State Trading, Ventura, California Branch is a technical trading office: we use the Elliot Wave Analysis method to trade the commodities futures markets. All commodities markets reviewed. Broker-assisted and managed accounts available.

Allani Capital Management  Geneva, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 22 707 49 33
Allani Capital Management (ACM) is a Suiss based company organized in early 1997 that is engaged in the business of providing future trading management services. The advisor's sole propietor, Mohamed Allani, is registered with the commodity futures trading commission (CFTC) as a commodity trading advisor (CTA).

Allendale Inc  McHenry, Illinois USA
Telephone: 1-800-262-7538
Allendale, Inc. was founded by Paul J. Georgy and William W. Biedermann in 1984. Office location was a small corner of a country grain elevator in Crystal Lake, IL. The company grew and flourished because of the drive of its founders and is now one of the largest commodity research advisory firms, well recognized and quoted, throughout the world. The current location is bustling with computer activity, researching grains, cattle and hogs so that worldwide data is always available to inform and guide accounts. When you need to make a decision, you need data ... Allendale has it

Alpha Commodities Inc.  North Palm Beach, Florida USA
Telephone: 888-648-0818
Full service commodity and currencies brokerage specializing in long term and limited risk investing. We offer 24 hour on line access and trading discounts.

Altavest Worldwide Trading, Inc.  San Juan Capistrano, California USA
Telephone: 800.994.9566
We are a full-service commodity futures and options brokerage. Services available include online trading, real-time charts/quotes packages, portfolio tracking with PaperTrader Online, daily market research, the daily TradeScope newsletter and advisory service, option charts and histories, spread charts, full-service attention and much more. Request a free starter kit and trial to real-time charts and PaperTrader Online.

Altegris Investments   La Jolla, CA USA
Telephone: 800.828.5225 or 858.459.7040
Altegris Investments - Hedge Fund and Managed Futures Specialists Altegris Investments provides high net worth investors with hedge funds, managed futures and research on commodity trading advisors. The specialized research database of alternative investments and proprietary software helps Altegris’ investors identify hedge funds and managed futures products, build diversified portfolios and monitor investment performance online.

Amalgamex Futures  Greensboro, North Carolina USA
Telephone: 336-218-7188
Amalgamex Futures offers superior electronic execution in many markets, data mining from the Amalgamex website, and computerized systems trading by brokers who are experienced systems traders and developers. There is Serious Risk of Loss in Commodity Futures and Options Trading. Only Risk Capital Should Be Used.

Ambrose & Company  Great Falls, Montana USA
Telephone: 1-800-333-7870
Ambrose & Company is a Guaranteed Introducing Broker for Refco offering full service, discount, and managed accounts. We are affiliated with Sparks/Refco Support Group and receive Sparks research and verbal communique on a daily basis. Clients have access to daily research on all the major markets via website as well as weekly market commentary via e-mail. We're willing to work with you to implement your strategies.

American Futures & Options, Inc  Naples, Florida USA
Telephone: (800) 228-7058
We offer online trading, broker assisted as well as managed accounts. We can provide direct floor access for qualified accounts. Option writing is our specialty.

AMT Futures Ltd.  London, - UK
Telephone: 44-171-283-8352
AMT Futures Ltd,is the specialist brokerage and fund management subsidiary of Amalgamated Metal corporation Plc (AMC),a group with international interests in commodity and metal trading,merchanting manufacturing and distribution, in addition to brokerage, FX and fund management services. The AMC Group has shareholders' funds in excess of US$155,000,000. AMT Futures Ltd and its parent are members of the Preussag Group, one of Europe's largest corporations, with shareholders' funds in excess of US$1.9 billion. AMT Futures Ltd specialises in providing a range of comprehensive brokerage and fund management services to institutional and professional investors who participate in the world's futures,options,derivatives and foreign exchange markets.

ANCO Discount Futures  Los Angeles, California USA
Telephone: 800-795-2626
California's largest discount commodity broker, since 1988. ANCO offers one of the lowest commission rates in the world for futures trades- just $9 per round-turn on all contracts, online or on the phone. Not an introductory rate. Full service also available. Free quotes and charts at our website now. Futures Commission Merchant.

ANDCO Investment Services  Park Rapids , Minnesota USA
Telephone: 800 732 1508
Full service brokerage house.

Anne Burden   Grants Pass, Oregon USA
Telephone: (888) 847-1105
Anne is a Commodities Trading Advisor, full service broker. She publishes Futures Gudie and Market Updates. Free Quotes and Charts are available on her website.  Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-634-9466
Deep discount online trading at $9.95/side inclusive of fees! Account minimum only $4,000. Free research, quotes and interactive daily and intra-day charts.

Apollo Futures  Portland, Oregon USA
Telephone: 1-800-660-9360
Futures and options brokers offering full-service, on-line, discount and managed accounts. Free charts, quotes and global research. Beginning to advanced traders welcome. Trading instruction available. Friendly, efficient service.

APPL International  New York, New York USA
Telephone: 1-800-274-2775
An Introducing broker located four blocks south of the World Trade Center . We trade futures and options on all major exchages worldwide. 24 hour access and internet trading available.

Telephone: 91 40 235 42 046, 91 235 420 49
Well establised, amazing result oriented, commodities futures trading advisors leading in India. Craving to make the clients grab the global opportunities in commodities trading; 24 hours service available - personal interaction is welcome.

Arcadia Investment Group  Los Angeles, CA U.S.A
Telephone: (800) 340-8878
Full Service at discount prices. System monitoring, Free Quotes and charts, papertrading, free newsletters, free, daily research, online access, and much more.

ArcFutures, Inc.  Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: 214-219-7555
Independent Introducing Broker offering multiple online and broker-assisted trading services.

Armada Financial Group  Los Angeles, CA USA
Telephone: 800-550-6880
We are a full-service stock,futures,forex and options brokerage. Services available include broker assist "top rank" trading system, online trading direct to the floor, real-time charting and analysis software, portfolio tracking, daily market research, daily newsletter and advisory service, online paper trading accounts, full-service attention and much more. Request a free starter kit and receive a free options trading book.

Arrow Futures & Options  Chicago , Illinois U.S.A.
Telephone: (800)214-1500
Discount broker-assist trading starting at $8.00 to $15.00 a side, plus fees, depending on trading volume. Our fees are also very reasonable with no big surprises. We have direct access to the pits and offer flash fills in many futures and options markets. In addition we offer discount and deep discount online trading services. Thank you for your consideration.

Astor Financial of San Francisco  san francisco, California USA
Telephone: 1800 352-1439
We are the bench mark leader in computerized trading systems for the S&P 500 and E-Mini markets. call our free daliy hotline for updates 1888 389-3424

Astor Financial, Inc.  Chicago, Illinois USA
Telephone: 800-457-8980
A full service commodity brokerage firm that specializes in assisting clients who have taken a trading course and want to implement it in the market. You will be provided with years of market experience so that you can avoid common mistakes associated with new participants.

Atlas Futures  OXNARD, California USA
Telephone: 1.800.955.2852
A worldwide leader in Futures & Options trading. Atlas specializes in Futures Spreads utilizing the most technologically advanced 'state of the art' equipment and top industry analysts to better serve the client.

Atrade  Aliso Viejo, CA USA
Telephone: 949-448-7610
$3.50 per side e-mini's. Free real time prices for futures and options. Free interactive charts with indicators. Free options and futures courses. Free paper trading with simulators.

Attain Capital Management  Chicago, IL USA
Telephone: 312.692.4520
Alternative investment solutions offering returns independent of the stock market through trading system portfolios and managed futures. By combining several lowly correlated trading systems and CTAs into one portfolio, there is the potential for improved performance with less overall risk.

Atticus Partners  Menlo Park, California USA
Telephone: 800-599-9878
Atticus Partners is a conscientious, experienced futures broker offering full-service commodity trading and discount commissions. Friendly, intelligent brokerage with free charts, quotes, daily trade ideas, market analysis, and research. Complete, high-tech support for systems trading, day trading, s&p trading, paper trading, trend following and options trading.  Incline Village, NV United States
Telephone: 775-833-1358
Alternative Investment database supplying indepth information on commodity trading advisors and hedge funds.

Axis Trading Company  Los Angeles, California USA
Telephone: 888-998-8880
We specialize in trading a top ten rated mechanical trading system (as rated by Stocks and Commodities magazine). With years of experience, our brokers are experts in technical analysis of the markets. We also offer 4 different online trading platforms for online traders. Our rates are extremely competitive. For more information, please inquire by email or phone.

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